The Explorer

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell is a tale of bravery and survival. Fans of adventure will love this.

When their plane crashes, four children are left stranded in the Amazon Rainforest. They join forces, although most of them haven’t met before. The children are: Fred-the leader, Lila-sister of Max and best at keeping people safe, Constantia (Con)-sharp and clever, and Max-brother of Lila and the youngest. They learn to survive, but soon start finding traces of somebody else, and they go on a hunt to find something extraordinary. When they find it, things are fine but then something serious happens and they have to get home as quickly as possible.

The Author

A book called “The Night Climbers Of Cambridge” inspired Katherine Rundell to take up rooftop climbing. She is also a tightrope walker and winner of many book awards such as the Costa Book Awards, Blue Peter Book Award and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Katherine Rundell says she begins every day with a cartwheel because “reading is almost exactly the same as cartwheeling: it turns the world upside-down and leaves you breathless”.

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